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EGF (Recombinant Human Epidermal Growth Factor)
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EGF (Recombinant Human Epidermal Growth Factor) [Description] EGF (Recombinant Human Epidermal Growth Factor, rhEGF) is produced in Escherichia Coli and purified by proprietary chromatographic techniques. EGF is a single, non-glycosylated, polypeptide chain containing 53 amino acids and having a molecular mass of 6222 Dalton. EGF is a highly efficient cell division factor with many biological effects. INCI Name: Recombinant Human Epidermal Growth Factor Alternate names: EGF, rhEGF, rhuEGF, rh-EGF, rhu-EGF, Epidermal Growth Factor Source: E. Coli CAS No.: 62253-63-8 HS Code No.: 3002 9090 MSDS, Datasheet, EINECS number, provide advice by email. [Specification] Physical Appearance: Sterile Filtered White lyophilized powder. Purity: more than 98% min (determined by SDS-PAGE and RP-HPLC analysis). Activity unit: 1000000 IU/mg. PH value: 7.2 Endotoxin: less than 0.1 ng per ug EGF. Biological Activity: The ED50 calculated by the dose-dependant proliferation of murine BALB/c 3T3 cells (measured by 3H-thymidine uptake) is less than 0.1 ng/ml, corresponding to a specific activity of 1000000 Units/mg. [Packing] In Penicillin vial, inner sealed with 1mg, 2mg, 10mg freeze-dried powder. [Storage] In refrigerator, which keeping at 2-8 Degree Centigrade (lyophilized), stable within 36 months. [Usage] EGF is a highly efficient cell division factor with many biological effects, which mainly includes: Stimulating the growth and proliferation of skin, cornea and racheal epithelium tissue in vivo. Accelerating the healing process of epidermis damage on skin, cornea, etc. Accelerating the proliferation of epithelial cells in human and animals. Facilitating the biosynthesis of protein, RNA, DNA as well as metabolic activity in epidermal cells. Reduce and prevent lines and wrinkles by actively generating new skin cells. Whiten skin tones with full of vitality and energy. Eliminate scars on skin by forming new skin cells. We have a series of [Recombinant Human Proteins] EGF (Recombinant Human Epidermal Growth Factor) aFGF (Recombinant Human Acidic Fibroblast Growth Factor) KGF-1 (Recombinant Human Keratinocyte Growth Factor-1) rh-SOD (Recombinant Human Superoxide Dismutase) Please kindly email to me if you are interested in our products and have any requirement.